I know all of you are waiting around for an update on my beta.  You are all probably on the edge of your seat.  Oh wait.  You mean I'm NOT the queen of the blogging community?  Ok, maybe some of you will be.

Here's the deal:  I have already had some text messages and calls.  I haven't even told my husband the news.  I appreciate everyone who wants to know.  But I will post when I'm ready.  If I haven't posted, called, texted or Facebooked, it's because I am not ready to share. 

Most people get to try for a baby, get pregnant and hide their surprise for 6-12 weeks before they announce it.  But we as infertiles don't get that luxury, especially if we make it public and blog about it.  So while I appreciate the support, I just ask that the messages and phone calls hold off.  I love you all and will let you know when I am ready to talk about it.