5dpIUI: How I am surviving my TWW

1) I didn't give up coffee this cycle.  The progesterone makes me constipated enough.

2) Reading my comments.  Seriously, I don't know how I would make it without you guys.  To my infertiles as well as my fertiles, you guys have shown amazing support throughout this.

3) Cleaning my house.  Last weekend Chris was sick and I was on the couch with my legs up.  I get stressed when my house is messy.  Today, Chris and I took down the Christmas decorations (don't judge), swept and vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, and did four loads of laundry.

4) Thought about my topic for my Capstone presentation for school.  Notice I said, "thought," not "worked on."

5) ICLW.  It's hard commenting on five blogs a day while working and going to school full time.  But I am connecting with new bloggers and it is really worthwhile. 

6) Not drinking wine.  This makes me crabby.

7) Came across multiple baby pictures on Facebook and made several different faces at them.  Kind of like this:

And this:

And, this:

I never said I was proud of it. 

Overall, I am trying not to think about it.  I am trying not to think about that fact that I am not feeling any symptoms.  Well I shouldn't say that.  I am bloated, refluxed, and indigestion-ed (??).  But I know that's from the p4.  Who invented fertility medications whose side effects mimicked pregnancy?  I bet it was a man.


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