30 Day Infertility Blog Challenge- Day 27

27.  If you had known that you would have trouble conceiving, what would you have done differently in life?  If you already knew, did that knowledge affect your other life choices?

Well I think it goes without saying that I would NOT have used birth control pills for years.  Condoms?  Puh-lease.  Worrying that if I miss a pill I would get pregnant?  I laugh.

But on a more serious note, if I would have know early on that we would have trouble having a baby, I would not have waited 3.5 years to see a specialist.  After that first year, I would have gone on 6 months of Clomid, and then I would have asked for a fertility specialist referral.  Who knows if we would have a baby by now if we would have made different choices.  I know that everyone always says they wouldn't change anything about their life, because everything happened for a reason.  But that is a part in my life I regret.  I can't do anything about it now, but it is something I kick myself for.  I guess I just always had that mentality that "maybe next month will be our month."

So as far as my lady business goes, my body is pretty much not cool with this progesterone.

Head: hurts.  I don't get headaches all that often, but I have them more frequently now.

Stomach: Nauseous.  Feels sick when there isn't much food in there, but only allows a small bit of food in there at a time.

Mid-section: Rotund.  I'm so bloated people keep asking me if I'm Jabba the Hut.  Trouble walking with huge belly.  Can't stuff my face because there is no room amidst everything else in there.  But hungry all the time.  Dilemma.

Intestines: Hate me.  Have started discussing bowel habits with anyone who will listen.

Bladder: Needs to pee frequently.  Mostly at night.

Mind: Exhaustion.  Wants to go to bed at 8:00 every night.  Severely inhibiting sex life.  Vivid dreams.  Trying to forget these dreams.  Also wants to cry at anything from kittens to a tampon commercial.

I'm just a bag of fun-doodles lately.

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