Be jealous of my infertility lingo. 

It means I am 10 days post ovulation, 8 days post IUI.  A little tidbit I forgot to share.  Remember how I said I was looking forward to giving myself a shot in the peace and quiet of my own bathroom?  Sheee-yeah.  Well what really happened, was that I got called into a sexual assault case during the Saturday I was on call, but supposed to be off by 3:00pm.  I get called at 2:50, get a meanie staff person to tell me that I am still on call and need to respond.  The case turned out to be a lot more complex than I thought and when my window of time rolled around (6-8:00pm) that I had to trigger, I called Chris and had him bring my shot to me.  So there I am, giving myself a shot in the stomach as fast as I can in the Emergency Room bathroom while someone was pounding on the door the whole time.  Nothing like a little relaxing during ovulation. 

Still have heartburn.  Still have indigestion.  I'm hungry.  My boobs hurt.

Oh, and the latest?  Mood swings.  Namely in the way of crying/laughing.  Sometimes I cry.  Sometimes I laugh hysterically.  Sometimes I do both.  I've already cried three times tonight.  Twice started out as laughing and suddenly found myself crying and apologizing to Chris while I lay on the floor.  Could this be a pg sign?  It better be, because my poor husband puts up with a lot.  I could at least give him a child in exchange for all I am putting him though.  At least I am over halfway through this 2WW.