Holy Mother, is it menopause?! No, it's just a side effect of Clomid.

I've been having hot flashes on and off since last night.  I can be sitting here typing away, and suddenly want to rip off my clothes and go running outside headfirst into the snow.  (I'm kidding, I would never do that.)  (I'm lying.  I might.)

I'm cycling between mf-ing headaches and mf-ing hot flashes.

Oh and did I mention I have not had caffeine for six days now?  This coming from someone who lives for her morning coffee.  It's probably why my intestinal track is on strike.

Last night Chris gave me a teeny glass of wine because he was having some.  I took a few sips and then felt too guilty to drink anymore.  You all should be proud.  Big moment for me.  I have never turned down a glass of wine.  

That is all.  I'm going to go crawl into my refrigerator now. 

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