30 Day Infertility Blog Challenge- Day 1

1. How did you and your partner decide when you were ready to start trying to conceive?

Chris and I were married the summer before my last year of nursing school.  I knew I didn't want to get pregnant during that last year because I was stressed out enough with school.  My parents waited five years to have me because they wanted to enjoy married life before kids.  I honestly don't know how they went five years of people constantly asking when they were going to have children.  Of course, they had the luxury of not having a Facebook account where you get daily updates on other people's children and pregnancy pictures.  I digress.

So during an appointment with my doctor, I brought up the fact that I wanted to stop my birth control.  This was maybe January 2009.  My doctor told me that I should use other means of birth control for three months to ready my body for a pregnancy.  This was well-meaning advice back then because she didn't want me to experience a miscarriage from the lining of my uterus being too thin.  She probably thought I was "normal" and would get pregnant within a few months.  I remember in April, a month before graduation, I wanted to start trying.  "Come on Chris, even if I get pregnant now, it's not going to affect me with school."  I can't even remember which month we specifically started actively trying.  All I know is that summer of 2009 came and went and I started realizing all that "carefulness" of trying not to get pregnant was a gigantic waste of time.  Condoms?  Birth control pills?  Who needed those?  Not this girl.

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