Monday, September 26, 2016

#Microblog Mondays: I will be good for an apple

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I used to be kind of sort of judgemental of the moms of screaming babies. Especially in restaurants and grocery stores. It's not like I'd be thinking Geez, aren't you capable of shutting that kid up? but rather, Omg seriously. That's so annoying.

I swore to myself I was not going to raise an asshole baby who did high-pitched screams in the middle of the store and gave everyone whiplash from turning to see who the mother of The Baby That Screamed was.

Until I became that mother. And it was my asshole baby that does the high-pitched screams in the middle of the store. 


Our grocery store has a mini apple stand by the fruit section with cheerful signage to have your kids try a free apple while in the store. 

We were shopping one afternoon and were perusing the produce section grabbing all sorts of healthy things like kale and carrots when suddenly, out of nowhere (ok, maybe I forgot to bring her toy in with us) Olivia opens her mouth wide, takes an audible deep breath

and screams.

The 20-something girl with the messy bun turns around with her shopping basket like she has never heard a baby scream and is wondering why the hell that mom can't shut that kid up. 

And I think, sonofabitch. I have a Screamer. I am That Mom with a Screamer and I kind of hate myself right then and realize that girl is me, ten years ago. 

So I grabbed one of those free apples from the little stand, take two giant bites out of it and thrust it at my daughter who's eyes light up and she takes it like it's the greatest thing she's ever seen. 

Now we've done this once before a few weeks back but after the fourth time of flinging the apple on the floor while I scrambled to finish the shopping, and the screaming tantrum that ensued, I had to give it up. 

This time, she held it. The entire time. 

I must have passed three sets of grandparents who cooed over her and two women who said she was the most well-behaved baby they've seen. And through it all, she held her little apple with two hands and munched and sucked until we paid and I started bagging. 

It. Was. Glorious.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

10 Months: The baby is becoming a toddler

Well hey there, 10 months!

Double digits!

Say it isn't so!

This month brought us two teeth, crawling and sickness. It's been a wild ride. I've been making a conscious effort to blog more, and when I look back at this past year, I'm a bit disappointed, because I wish I would have posted more. I mean, this blog is better than any baby book could ever be and I wish I would have been documenting more and not just these monthly updates and holidays. But here we go, onto month 10!

Practicing some new yoga poses.
We celebrated Chris's birthday. And we took Olivia on her first hike. (Another reason to post more. It makes these monthly updates so much shorter :))

Our trip to Texas to visit our friends was cancelled due to crappy unforeseen health circumstances. We ended up losing hundreds of dollars with the cancelled flight and beach house, but the worst part is we can't afford to go back there until we do our FET in well over a year from now. So that sucks. Chris ended up taking the time off anyway and we filled it with fun family stuff and household projects, like cleaning up the backyard and painting our bedroom. Necessary, but utterly boring to blog about.

Nicknames: Ollie (Ironically, that's the nickname of the month.) Miss Ollie, Miss Olivia (when she's doing something she isn't suppose to do), Livvie, Monkey, Monks.
Weight: 20.6 lbs
Length: 29 inches 
Head circumference: 46 cm
Diaper size: 3
Clothing size:
6-9 and 9 months

Eating: New foods tried: waffles, kiwi, chili, summer squash, baked beans, fettuccine alfredo, Mexican rice, refried beans, green beans, zucchini, cottage cheese, sloppy joe's, honeydew and chicken enchiladas. You guys, I'm so much better now at giving her two meals a day. Breakfast is usually toast with peanut butter or avocado, waffles, fruit.

I'm getting better on giving her what we have for dinner, as long as it's not too salty. One night we had this chili, (which is one of my favorites!) and I did relent and give her a spoonful, but I'm still worried about her choking on the beans and lately have been letting go of my fears of her choking on things. She is doing wonderful with BLW and hardly ever gags anymore. I think it's good for her to have spices, but I always have to be mindful of salt. She does like taco meat which I give her because I omit the salt when I make my own seasoning.  She is nursing still about every 3-4 hours (or less) and once overnight.

Sleeping: She's done some weird nights of waking at 11:30 or 2:30am. Overall, it's been good, but recently, she's been having a regression and I'm not sure if it's teething or a growth spurt. She wakes up between 3:30 and 5:30 for nursing and then will usually sleep until 8:00, though some days it's as early as 7 and as late as 9am. She's been good about staying asleep or putting herself back to bed.
She naps around 10:00 usually for 2 hours and then again around 3:00 for another 1.5 hours.We had to buy the fabric crib protectors because she's taken to biting her crib up. Like a beaver. Or a small puppy. It's like having a small puppy in the house.

Milestones: She's pulling herself up to stand now. In fact, anything that she has to sit on the floor with is pretty much a waste of time.

She's clapping. Getting better at crawling faster. Plays peekaboo.

Speech: Says "dada" much to Chris's delight. (I wonder if it's easier now that she has teeth?) Still saying, "Mama" and "Baba." "Geeee! and "Iiiiiieeee!" "Mom-mom." Basically, she's been frantically babbling and using her vowels this month.

Health: We were doing so well. But then she went to her 9 month check up and I swear she picked something up there. Three days later, I got a sore throat and she got a fever and runny nose. So of course I'm clueless and incessantly texted my friends on what to do for her. I doubled up on my Juice Plus and used Thieves EO on both our feet. I gave her Motrin and lukewarm baths and she gradually was left with just a runny nose. It was kind of a 24-hour thing for both of us. But I've had to use the Nose Frieda pretty much every night to clear her nose out.

We also had an incident (for lack of a better term) with her having a reaction to eggs. I gave her some of my scrambled eggs one morning (this was probably her 4th time eating them) and was really excited because she was actually eating them verses rubbing them on her arms and throwing them on the floor. We finished eating and I stuck her in the pack and play so I could clean up. About ten minutes after she ate, I went to her and she had a red blistery looking rash around her mouth.

I spoke with a triage nurse and made an appointment with a family practice doctor that afternoon. She told me no eggs until I speak with her pediatrician. That this time it was a local reaction, and next time could be a more severe one involving her whole face or an anaphylactic one. "You may need an epi pen," she warned. I don't know. I'm not 100% convinced, especially since I got a lot of feedback on my Facebook page saying otherwise. Right now, I'm staying away from it, but I will talk to her doctor and possibly an allergist because I feel like completely abstaining from eggs could actually make it worse. And I get that a reaction usually comes after an exposure already, but I mean, she's had eggs several times before this, just not in the same quantity. Regardless, it sucks. I was so good at trying to expose her to allergens early and both Chris and I don't have food allergies. So we'll see what comes of this.

Teeth: Her two lower teeth are coming in beautifully. For awhile, she refused to let me take a picture of them, but then I got one: (shhh, don't tell her). Recently, she's been showing more signs of teething and crawls around with the saddest red cheeks you've ever seen. That, combined with the screaming again and worsening sleep, leaves me wondering if more teeth are coming.

This was taken at the beginning of the month when her teeth were barely coming through. They are much bigger now!
Likes: Her glow worm. I used to put this in her crib while she lay in there to distract her when she was itty bitty, but it was lost in her stuffed animal basket for a long time. When I found it again, she LOVED it.

Standing. Always standing. Eating. Chasing her little plastic balls around the kitchen. Climbing kitchen chairs. Climbing the person nearest to her. She doesn't discriminate.

Swinging. Splashing in the tub. Her light up and talking toys. Toby. Participating in FaceTime with Auntie Ceena. Pulling out ALL her books in her bookshelf. In fact, books are probably her favorite thing right now, to my delight. Whether it's Grandpa reading her a book, or looking through them herself, she can spend 15 minutes doing this (which in Baby World is like three hours.)

Dislikes: When you put her books back in her bookshelf. We also discovered she HATES her nose being wiped. And the Nose Frieda? Forget it. It actually breaks my heart because all she had to do was look at it when I brought it out and it would send her into a wail. Having her hands and face wiped after eating. Putting her wearable blanket on when it's bedtime (maybe it's the anticipation of going to bed she hates). Taking things away from her.

Undecided about: Strangers. She isn't sure if she wants to be shy and look away or break into a huge smile and offer them a toy. So she kind of does a little of both.

Looking forward to: All of the fall stuff. Seriously. I'm so excited. We'll be making a visit to the apple orchard in a few weeks and I can't wait. I've talked for years about wanting to take my baby there and now I finally get the chance. And I can't wait to play with her in the leaves and take her on walks in the cooler weather.

She's just growing up so fast. She's acting more like a toddler than a baby now. She knows when she isn't supposed to be doing something and looks around discreetly before shoving things like clumps of dog fur in her mouth as fast as she can before I notice. Or smiling purposefully at me when I say something funny to her. (She thinks her mom is hilarious.)

We have two months before her first birthday. I STILL haven't done a thing for it and we were just discussing this weekend that we HAVE to get going on this.

40 weeks
41 weeks
42 weeks
43 weeks

Monday, September 19, 2016

#Microblog Mondays: The very heart of the home

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I'm currently read a book right now called Secrets of the Lighthouse by Santa Montefiore (thanks, Mom!) (My mom and I share books). Ellen, the main character is describing her aunt Peg's home and comparing it to hers back in London. I came across these sentences that made me pause: "Ellen sat back in her chair and let the room absorb her. Peg's kitchen was the very heart of the home, and Ellen soaked up the love appreciatively. "

Maybe it was overthinking on my part, because I was trying to come up with something for today's Microblog post, but it made me reflect on my own home. Where is the heart of my own home?

Every room in this house hold love and memories. The downstairs family room is where all the great TV shows are watched, where Chris and I hang out in the evenings. My spare room down that hall holds the Elvis collection my grandma passed on to me. The laundry room is where I washed the tiny baby clothes last fall, and cried because I actually had baby clothes to wash. Our kitchen is where I practice the fine art of cooking. Olivia's room: well, that used to be storage and now it's filled with baby books, a crib, diapers. Our bedroom is the place I opened the package Chris bought and found out we were having a baby girl.

So there is heart in all these rooms. But where would it show the most?

I remember last year, when Chris and I were drinking our coffee together on a Saturday morning and I rubbed my hand across my belly. "In just a few months, we'll be drinking coffee together and there will be a baby here, probably sleeping across one of our chests."

Our living room. It's where our family gathers when they come over to visit. It's where birthday and Christmas presents are opened and weekend coffee is drunk. It's where Chris and I talk. We're downstairs a lot, but we aren't talking much. Upstairs, the TV up on the wall is rarely on when we are all home together, so it's a place we gather to Be. To interact with each other. To play with Olivia.

It used to be clean. It's not so much anymore. But Saturday morning, Chris and I always manage to shove aside the laundry or baby toys and sit across from each other on the couches with our coffee and talk. Sometimes we are interrupted by screeches from the baby or when she wants to electrocute herself with the lamp cord, but many times, she is down for a nap and we sit facing each other and we talk. About our marriage, about our jobs, about the things going on in our world.

If you had to think, where is the heart of your own home?

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Monday, September 12, 2016

#Microblog Mondays: I used to give other people shots, not just me

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Several years ago, I worked seasonally as an RN at a flu shot clinic. It was mostly easy work and probably was my practice for the hundreds of needles I would inevitably inject into myself during IVF treatments.

I always regarded immunizing kids with horrible fear. See, I (mostly) like kids. I hated being the nurse to them. In all honesty, I would make a dreadful pediatric nurse.

I remember one time sitting at my table at a retail site and (I can't make this up) a father leading a group of children that can only be described as a gaggle (yes, a freaking gaggle of children) walked past my table and said to his kids (All seven of them. I counted), "Who wants a flu shot!?" And I kid you not, there was a cacophony of shrieks and wails from the gaggle and the guy just winks at my horrified expression of the sheer horror of having to stab all seven of these children in a crowded store before telling them "OMG JK LOL FOREVER!!!!!"

And then walking away.

I wanted to stab him. With my 3cc influenza needles. Like, what the hell?

And we wonder, WE WONDER!, why kids hate shots. Why they hate going to the doctor. Why they hate nurses. We wonder! It's because we think it's funny to make kids terrified of needles. I can't even tell you how many kids walked past my booth in the three years I did that job and literally shriek in fear when their parent bends downs and says in a sinister voice, "Do you want a shot??" before straightening up and smiling at me like we're sharing some sort of ironic joke as their kid looks at me like I'm Slenderman.  Seriously, so much for my sweet smile to them. They decided right then and there that I was a bad person with needles. And maybe I am a bad person with needles, but we don't need to haunt their nightmares with it.

Poor Olivia is still achingly trusting of the doctors' office, but the day will come when she will understand that going to the doctor means a shot. I hope to handle it vastly different than these parents I experienced. And never will I ever terrify her with the threat of a shot. But slow clap to those parents who do.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

On Saturdays we hike

If someone were to shout in my face, "Quick! Name one thing off the top of your head that you love to do with your husband!"

I don't know why someone would ever shout this to me, buuuut, if they did, this is what I would shout back:

"Hike, you sonofabitch! I like to hike with him!" (Because people who get in my face and scream excellent dinner conversation-starter questions would probably make me all sweary.)

I like hiking. Or rather the pre-infertile, pre-IVF weight-gain me liked hiking.

There was always something so peaceful, so therapeutic about following Chris down a precarious path littered with exposed roots that I would inevitably stumble over.

This picture was taken May 2005 at Palisades State Park in Iowa. This was in our first year of dating and the first park we ever hiked at. (This was the first park I ever hiked at, period.) We would go on to hike five more state parks that year alone.

Seriously, look at me back then. Gorgeous. Carefree. What? IVF meds can make you fat? Infertile-says-what? Also, pretty sure I remember Chris telling me he made out with a girl on that sand bar when he was in high school.

I digress.

Hiking state parks is totally our jam. In recent years we were terrible at going because we took up massive gardening and canning projects that would leave our summers and early falls booked. But I remember on those hikes talking about the future, namely bringing our kids hiking with us.

This was our trip to the North Shore when I was 28 weeks pregnant last September. I wrote about it here. Also, it was probably quite cool out. But I was in my third trimester and sweated incessantly so tank top it was.

It was the last hike we did before Olivia came.

This Saturday was 73 degrees and beautiful. We discussed bringing Olivia to a park and Chris found one in Wisconsin that his family was at the weekend before. We packed up the car with a baby, a Cattle Dog and a bunch of crap you need when you hike with a nine month old and drove out to Willow River State Park, about an hour from the Twin Cities. Chris was very kind to turn the car around about five minutes into our drive to get the baby carrier we had forgotten.

We let Olivia swing at the park for a few minutes to transition from the car ride to riding on my back. Then we set off.

She had a great time chewing on the teething necklace I wore as we walked the path. We realized then we actually could have brought the stroller, but overall it worked out. The only thing was my days of slipping and sliding down embankments to get to rivers were long gone with a baby on my back. I had to send Chris down there alone while I stayed up on the path with a disgruntled dog and an oblivious baby.

Olivia fell asleep during the two mile hike to the falls, which was good because that was the only nap she took the whole morning. Plus, she scored some points in general for looking so adorable doing it. But really, awake or asleep, it's impossible for her to not look adorable.

The falls was a beautiful view. Olivia was kind of impressed.

I'm pretty sure I'm laughing hysterically because Olivia was way too distracted by the roaring waters of the waterfall to focus on looking at the camera. Doesn't she understand that family photos are more important than new experiences??

We hung out on the rocks and ate a picnic lunch. I found out the hard way it's a bit challenging to nurse a highly-distractable baby intent on flashing her food source at unassuming passerby while sitting on an uneven rock.

The walk back went well until we were half a mile from the car and Olivia decided she didn't want to be in the Ergo anymore. Thus, kicked off a tense half mile with her screeching in my ear and Chris trying to occupy her by letting her whip his hat to and fro, mostly into the back of my head. But we made it back and snapped one last family photo while leaving the park. 

We made a bet on who would fall asleep first, Toby or the baby. Apparently, the hike took a lot out of the dog. Olivia, not so much. She forced herself to stay away until the last minute, peacefully shutting her eyes and drifting off into what I can only imagine would have been a wonderfully long nap... as we drove down our street.

"We need to go hiking more," Chris told me last night, during a bonfire. And I realized, even with the challenges of hiking these parks with a baby (One, my knees are killing me from the added weight and two, we probably will need to stick closer to home with shortened hikes for awhile until she can go longer in the carrier) how much I missed it. And how much I'm looking forward to doing it again.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

He's only 4 years older than me for another month

You know what song is in my head right now (besides that obnoxious but brilliant Daniel Tiger song, "If you have to go potty, STOP and go right awaaay!")?

That song from Schoolhouse Rock. "Lolly, lolly, lolly get your adverbs here!" Why????? Maybe this will come to Netflix?

(But really, where was that Daniel Tiger song when I was a floor nurse at the hospital and didn't pee all shift? Clearly if I knew this song, it would have reminded me.)

We celebrated Chris's 34th birthday this weekend.

What's a Hawkeye? I don't know, but I am apparently a fan of it.
Saturday night we went out on a real live date with my best friend Mel and her husband (we stayed out past 10:00 and everything) to downtown Minneapolis and ate at this incredible restaurant called--ready?-- Seven Steakhouse Sushi Ultralounge Skybar. I guess they were just covering their bases because each floor is one of these things. We sat in the steakhouse area before making our way up to see the ultralounge and finally to hang out in the skybar, which was really the rooftop.

We ate here for Mel's bachelorette party last September only back then I was 27 weeks pregnant and couldn't fit into my non-maternity dress appropriately and had to watch everyone around me drink while I sipped my water and pretended it was a gin and tonic. This time, I got a plastic cup of wine that cost $10 at the bar and my clothes actually fit, more or less. And when my $10 cup of wine got jostled by a dude trying to keep up with a girl ahead of him and spilled over my hand... I felt like I was 21 again. Minus the fact that I was pissed because I spent a fortune on this wine and in reality I am a 30 year old woman who hasn't been to a bar drinking with more than twenty five people since my own bachelorette party back in 2008.

Olivia did so good with Grandma and Grandpa watching her. She isn't necessarily a fan of drinking from a sippy before bed instead of laying on Mama to nurse, but she was a trooper and stayed asleep, actually until 6:30 the next morning.

This was actually taken Sunday afternoon before her nap, but once I start with the pictures, I can't stop.
Sunday we cleaned and cooked all day and I made this amazing baked potato soup for my family and we had salad and french bread and cake. Olivia wore her party dress and basically made it all about her, as she is prone to doing. But seriously. With a face like this, how could it not?

Chris opened his presents. Olivia got him The Jungle Book, because she just knew Mama wanted to see it. Smart girl, she is.

Her Auntie Natalie read to her for a few minutes while everyone talked afterwards.

So this must be why Mama calls me Monkey...
And then she got some pictures with Grandma and Grandpa. Really, the whole day was about her.

Out of the way, Grandma! I just noticed Grandpa was above me.
And then Chris held her on his lap while he blew out candles.

And can I admit something without risk of sounding like a broken record? She's really growing up, you guys. Like, this could be her own party in less than three months. It will soon be for her that everyone is singing to and she will have that same look on her face, only she will be one and I will be sobbing.

Monday, September 5, 2016

#Microblog Mondays: Now I have no excuses not to blog

This is my first #Microblog Monday post and I think it's a fantastic idea being that I'm trying to bring sexy blogging back.  I know I'm only fifteen years late to the game, or two if you want to be specific, but I know I struggle with pushing myself to blog more. And I don't know why that is, because I do like to write and I'm here on the laptop while we watch old episodes of Worst Cooks in America (thank you Netflix) and Chris is playing with Olivia.

I know we ordered Dominos tonight, but watching this show brings me back ten years ago when Chris and I lived in our apartment and you guys, seriously, I was the worst cook in America. I hated it. I burned everything. I knew how to make a taco salad (which ironically remains to be one of my favorite dinners ever) and a box of Kraft. To this day, I still burn chicken if I pan fry it, but the thing is, cooking is now one of my favorite hobbies. Like, I can say I'm a good cook and it's not embellishing anything. It's funny how things change...

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Friday, September 2, 2016

I really need to pull myself together

So I joined Twitter!

(This is not something to be celebrated.)

Why am I joining all these social media platforms when they make me want to roll my eyes? Well, I know with this whole blog move (which I swear is going to be the bane of my existence) I am going to lose readers. I am going to lose my Google rankings. It's going to take a long time to build up an audience again. And yes, I like audiences. What, do you think I write this blog just for me? Pul-eese. I'm hoping all this social media-ness can help you guys stick with me.
So. if you are Twitterers, come and follow me! Don't mind that I have yet to post my first tweet.

And Instagram! Come follow me there too! At least I mostly understand that. You take pictures (um, hello, have you met me?) and put all these awesome filters on (goodbye obvious dark circles under eyes!)

(And someone please explain Twitter to me.)

No really. I can do this. I like hash tags. Well, the funny ones at least. The rest, I'm genuinely confused about. I mean, when you hashtag a picture of your bowl of cereal with #yum #cereal #mornings #gogetem #milk #lovethis....

I just get confused.

So all the more reason to join this site, right?

(Seriously, someone please explain Twitter to me.)

In other less attention-seeking news, Olivia is having a fabulous time growing up.

Seriously, the girl is just developing at an alarming rate. She's doing so well at eating solid food. I'm trying now to give her small pieces of food because I'm noticing with the big hunks, she just tries to shove the whole thing in her mouth. Like big giant slices of cucumber? She looks like this:

I do need to be better at letting her practice with sippy cups though. She's nine months and I feel I'm generally failing as a parent because she only gets them 1-2 times a week if that.

I think it's that she's not a fan of the sippy cup. For drinking. She is, however, a fan of throwing the sippy cup on the floor and then looking down to see where it went, then yelling until I pick it up so that she can throw it on the floor and then look down to see where it went then yell until I pick it up this is the song that doesn't end it just goes on and on my frieeeeeeeeeends.

I was actually planning on writing something completely different than where this post headed. I'm tired. And have a million things on my mind.

I'm not sure why I find it so hard keeping up with my life lately. If I'm being honest, I've been busier. But here I am, using one hand to nurse Olivia and emailing myself with another and then forgetting to brush my teeth. I'm going try to keep track of my blog ideas and various other projects in this notebook with tabs. So maybe I will stop emailing myself random ridiculousness.

(I say "various other projects" like it's important. Let me be clear: it is not important. At all. It is Pinterest, mostly. And brushing my teeth.) 

(But hey if you have a great idea of something I can blog about then by all means, email me.)

(Until then, I will write things down, like, "why does my right armpit smell more than my left?" and "sometimes I think my big toe resembles a penis.")

(I bet everyone thinks that Chris's penis looks like a toe now. LOL FOREVER.)

(It doesn't though.)

(Apparently I'm better at parentheses than I am at hashtags.)

(It is really hard to stop with the parentheses once I start.)

(The end.)


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

She makes this face...

...when she isn't happy to be in Baby Jail.

But she has to stay in there sometimes when I'm folding laundry or watching Orange is the New Black while blogging.

(I'm kidding. I don't watch that show in front of her.)

(I'm lying. I do. I'm a terrible mom.)

(But seriously, this show is addicting.)

I set up an email address for her last week, which is late in coming because I wanted to get it all set up right before she was born. The plan was to send emails there with pictures and stories and thoughts so she can have it when she is older. But of course that didn't happen and Chris doesn't know what the big deal is because "Risa, she's still only nine months. I think you're fine." So whatever, I guess I will have to start it now only I have yet to send her anything so far.

I need to be writing down these things. Like how her favorite thing to do right now is climb me. Crawl over, smoosh her face against my boobs (I think that part is purposeful) while she gathers her feet under her, and stands proudly, bonus points for letting go with one hand and wobbling. Which is completely adorable, but since that's literally all she wants to do now, it makes it very hard to get things done while she's awake.

Another thing that just about kills me is how much she loves her Touch and Feel books. She'll sit there quietly while I read, daintily scratching one finger (just one) on the fuzzy parts, and then will politely sit back while I turn the page.

She's also into those square books that show one picture with the word below. I got one from her pediatrician visit and it's all just pictures of animals and she. loves. it. Probably because I try (badly) to make the noises. Have you ever tried to imitate an elephant? I try to read her other more stimulating books like Llama Llama Red Pajama or Outlander and she's all like, see ya!

But really, it makes me happy that she is actually interested in books now. I mean, reading is such a big part of my life. It's my favorite past time, it's something Chris and I like to do together and it is my one way to get my mind off of worrisome things. I always hoped my baby would like to read as much as I do.

And seriously. Look closely at these last three pictures... Notice something consistently in the picture?


You can see him, or some part of him in every picture I take. He loves her. He's obsessive. He's slightly obnoxious, but I can't fault him, because seriously, with a face like that, would wouldn't want to stand creepily behind it and pant?

In other news, I (or Chris rather) purchased my domain name last night for the new blog. You guys. I have my own web page. I'm like, important now.

If you didn't see my post about all these changes, you can read about it here.
I admit, I started getting cold feet about all this. First, there were the messages over the last two days. Everything from "I hope you'll still keep this blog up!" to "Don't leave! Please stay in this space!" And while I am humbled by all the sweet comments both on here and on Facebook, it also makes me wonder if I'm making the right decision.

Which of course I am. I had some good discussions with other bloggers and even they admit with a blog title like mine, it's hard to break out of infertility blogging. I'm not sure if my post was clear. Actually, it was kind of all over the place and I know that's something I shouldn't say about my own writing, but I think there are some of you who are getting the wrong impression.

1) While I may be switching to a different web site, with a new title and blogging platform, my writing will remain. I'm still going to talk about Olivia. I'm still going to talk about infertility and IVF and donor eggs. But I will have the freedom to talk about other things too.

2) There are no plans on me leaving this site open indefinitely. My plan is to keep it open for a few months to give everyone who wants to follow me over time to find the new site. But then this will go into private mode. The point being that I don't want it to sit out there while the same content will be on my new blog. Plus, it's a gold mine for spammers.

3) That being said, the plan is to move all the posts on here, all the comments, everything, over to the new site. There will be an infertility tab so that people can still have access to my infertility journey.

4) The Facebook page will remain the same. No need to go and "like" another page to get the post updates. Only instead of my blog title, it will just be my name. So absolutely nothing more will change there. I have received several friend requests on Facebook because people saw I was turning the page to my own name and wanted to follow me over, maybe not realizing it was my personal page and I haven't made the change yet. So, I felt bad because obviously I didn't send a good enough message.

I hope this clears it up. It's a huge change for me. For awhile after I switch over, it's going to be a lot of work gearing my writing back to people who would want to search for Who Shot Down My Stork?. So I've been talking with my techie husband about SEO and keywords and blah blah blah. Even last night when he was talking about the importance of putting SEO into my posts I interrupted him saying, "This is so confusing. All I want to do is write." But he reminded me that I am essentially starting over in the search engines for people to find me. Whew. That's depressing.

So it's been a bit stressful, but again, I have the domain purchased, and we are almost to the point of picking a host for the site. Once that is done, then it's on to creating the site itself. I need to take this step by step, not unlike what I did during infertility treatments.   
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